20/20 Focus on Film

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This weekend is one of Durango’s cultural and artistic celebrations—the Durango Independent Film Festival. It’s the 15th anniversary of this event, and this year’s theme is: 20/20 Focus on Film. There is a wide variety of genres represented, as the days are filled with all types of films. There’s a strong presence of family films and outdoor films, one of the unique aspects of Durango’s lifestyle.

The Film Festival headquarters will be located at Four Leaves Winery. Attendees may purchase a festival pass or individual tickets. For those interested in the film process, the weekend includes panels and workshops. Topics such as script to screen and casting are included in the panels, with talent from industry professionals (even the producer/writer from Sex and the City)! Additional events include a kickoff and sponsor party, VIP party, Native Cinema Reception, and awards ceremony/wrap party.

Not only does Durango Film host a weekend dedicated to film; they also support local education. The REEL Learning program shows educational and creative films to students in Ignacio and Durango, as well as several other schools in the area. Additionally, throughout the year, the organization hosts free classic films almost every month!

We love to see the growth and presence of local festivals as they support our economy and add vibrance to Durango’s lifestyle and culture. Take a look at the link for more details, and enjoy the weekend: https://durangofilm.org/