2020 Real Estate Trends

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2020 brought many changes and one of those major changes was how much time we are spending in our homes. There are some real estate trends that we expect to see carry over into 2021 and most likely for years to come in the way we see our space, utilize it and change in order to adapt to the simple fact we are all spending more time in our homes.

What do these real estate trends look like? One of the more obvious changes is at home offices. This year with the shut downs due to COVID-19, many people moved from going to an office from nine to five to working from home in their pajamas. Having a designated space at home can help you focus on your work, stay on schedule and help keep you organized. Another trend we are seeing is living room video conferencing. Whether you are working from home, your kids are doing remote learning at home or you are visiting with friends and family on a Zoom call, people are tired of using their small screens and thankfully we have technology for larger screens.

There are many other trends we are seeing gain momentum such as larger outdoor playgrounds, in home gyms, music rooms and indoor gardens. It is exciting to see folks bringing what they love to do into their home when the outside amenities are shut down. People continue to move from larger cities to smaller towns and suburban areas for a better quality of life and more space to call home. In Durango we have seen the first hand effects of this real estate trend.  As always if you are looking to make a move we are happy to help navigate what that can look like for you.