Benefits of House Plants

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Getting the itch to dig in the garden, but there is still snow on the ground? Adding some new house plants is an easy way to get your hands in the dirt and add some new life to your space. Working with house plants can be therapeutic, help boost your mood and help improve the quality of your air. During the day most indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and use the gas to photosynthesize to create food from light, during this process oxygen is released into your home, which is a wonderful benefit to having house plants. If you are interested in what plants give off the most oxygen a few of the best are bamboo palms, rubber tree, spider plant and Boston ferns.

During the winter it is important to change the care for your indoor plants. Reducing the amount of water you give your plants is very important, a lot of plants go dormant in the winter, which means they are not using as much water and stop growing for a period of time. Giving your plants plenty of light, cleaning them regularly, keeping them warm and increasing the humidity in your home during the winter months are great tips to help keep your plants happy and healthy during the winter months. Bringing house plants into your space is beneficial and great way to bring new life into your home in the middle of winter. Happy planting!