Advantages of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

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This is the time of the year we typically see strong activity in the La Plata County real estate market. If your home has been on the market for a handful of months, you may be considering ways to enhance the appeal of the home. If you haven’t done a pre-listing inspection, now may be the right time. Essentially, this is a sales tool for the seller. In the typical real estate transaction, a home inspection is standard procedure, but in a standard contract the buyer would pay for it. Although the seller pays for the inspection in a pre-listing home inspection, there are oftentimes many advantages that pay off in the long run.

  • Find issues with the home prior to selling, and disclose them. There can be a lot of stress for a seller if s/he does not know what issues may arise during the sale of a home. Once it’s under contract, inspection issues could cause a sale to fall through, or encourage more negotiation. With a pre-listing home inspection, the seller can be confident about issues present in a home, and it removes the element of surprise for both the buyer and seller, and creates a smoother negotiation.
  • A pre-listing home inspection allows a seller to fix any issues prior to a buyer making an offer. By fixing any issues that appear in a home inspection, the seller may save money and not have to be in a rush to complete all repairs prior to the closing date. There’s more flexibility and potential cost savings when the seller is not in a hurry. Additionally, home inspectors sometimes amend a report after the seller fixes repairs, placing the home in a more positive light.
  • Price the home right. A pre-listing home inspection allows a seller to take into consideration any issues when pricing the home. The price could reflect any needed repairs, as opposed to starting with a price, then reducing due to repairs.
  • A pre-listing home inspection appeals to buyers. When an inspection has already been completed, buyers are more confident in making offers. There’s more security and typically a stronger sale due to the knowledge of any potential issues from the inspection report.

Most of the time, a pre-listing home inspection makes sense for the seller. We’d love to discuss your particular situation, and help you determine if it’s the right fit for your property. Also, we will be hosting an open house at Crimson Cliffs #58 on Saturday from 1-4. We would love to see you!