Advantages to Selling A Home During the Holidays

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As the holidays quickly approach, sometimes clients wonder if it makes sense to have a home listed during this time of year. However, there are several reasons it can be advantageous to keep your home listed, despite the craziness of the season.

Serious Buyers: If a buyer is spending the weeks around Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas looking at homes, it typically means they are serious about buying. For various reasons, some people need to buy homes and don’t have the luxury of time on their side, or waiting until the new year. Relocations, family circumstances, or even just timing of closing on a home could cause a buyer to need to make an offer. Additionally, if more serious buyers are looking at homes, it helps narrow down the people looking at your home (not as many “lookie-loos” are out during cold winter days). At other times of the year, you may see more traffic, but the intent to buy may not be as serious with each person.

Less Competition: This is the time of the year with fewer homes on the market. For sellers, this means there is less competition. At other times of the year, there may be more homes on the market, which may even impact the price of your home. With fewer homes on the market, it allows your home to stand out as well as the potential for a higher sales price.

Easy Staging: Without going overboard, holidays are the perfect time to take advantage of decorative staging. During Thanksgiving, a few nicely placed pumpkins and orange hues add warmth and light to your home. A Christmas tree and festive touches allow a buyer to envision themselves celebrating holidays with their families in your home. Holiday scents also contribute to a cozy and inviting home. On cold days, a warm and inviting home makes an excellent first impression for buyers!

These are just a few of the reasons it can be a fantastic time of the year to have your home on the market. Each part of the year has its advantages and disadvantages, and we encourage our clients to utilize the season for maximum appeal to potential buyers. As always, we are available to discuss the local real estate market. We will be hosting an open house this Saturday from 12-2 at 101 and 117 Hay Barn. Stop by and say hello!