April CAR Numbers

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This week, we have the latest real estate numbers for La Plata County for the month of April. The below charts show a detailed breakdown of several market segments in La Plata County, showing La Plata County as a whole, Durango In Town, Durango Rural, Bayfield In Town, Bayfield Rural, Ignacio In Town, Ignacio Rural, Vallecito, and Durango Mountain Area.

These charts indicate the statistics and key metrics for single family homes and townhouses/condos, including new listings, sold listings, median sales price, and more. They compare April 2020 to April 2019. We also see the rolling 12-month median sales price for single family homes and townhouses/condos in these segments. We always appreciate these charts to be able to spot trends within our local market and compare results to previous years.

As expected, the La Plata county numbers reflect the impact of the Coronavirus. Single family homes had a substantial decrease in new listings, which we’d expect based on the March/April stay at home orders. However, there is good news for April numbers: there was an increase in sold listings compared to April of 2019, and only a minor decrease in the median sales price. Year to date, we see fewer new listings, but more sold listings and a higher median sales price compared to through this time last year. The La Plata County townhouse/condo market had fewer new listings, and fewer sold listings, but the median sales price increased this April compared to April 2019. Year to date, there have been fewer new listings and fewer sold listings, but a higher median sales price.

As far as specific market segments go, the numbers vary per segment. We saw an increase in sold listings in the Ignacio rural single family home market, the Ignacio in town single family home market, the Bayfield in town single family home market, and the Durango Mountain area single family home market. These tend to be some of the smaller market segments, but it’s encouraging to see the activity within them.

These have certainly been unprecedented times, but real estate activity continues. We encourage you to take a look at each of the charts for more information. As always, we are available for any questions you have regarding the market.

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