Back Country Skiing

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One of the many reasons Durango is so appealing is the outdoor recreation that is available year round. No matter the season the four corners area provides adventure and excitement. During the warmer months you can experience hiking, biking, camping, climbing and so much more. In colder months you have cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, backcountry skiing and the list continues, but the saying is true, “With great risk comes great reward”, and there are responsibilities to be taken whenever you are enjoying the great outdoors.

No matter if the winter brings a big snow year or small there is always a high risk when you are skiing in the backcountry. Last week there were avalanche fatalities across the country in Colorado, California, Utah, Alaska and New Hampshire. Unfortunately as more advanced skiers move to the mountains and start to explore the backcountry areas the more accidents there will be, it is a law of averages. The wilderness and Mother Nature are nothing to take lightly and it is important to be prepared.

The National Ski Patrol website is a great resource for information regarding before you go, once you’re there and general rules of the road for backcountry skiing. It is important to be educated and aware of your surroundings. Enjoy the beautiful mountains whatever your adventure may be.