Chiropractic Care

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chiropractic care in durangoHand in hand with massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, and yoga, chiropractic care realigns your spine to get your body moving harmoniously. Pain from accidents, sports injuries, arthritis and more can be aided from this therapy. Durango has a slew of chiropractors and offices to visit.

Durango Walk-In Chiropractic has a resume of servicing patients ages 3 days to 106 years old. Their team of six provides quality service whether you have an appointment or just decide you need an adjustment spur of the moment. Alongside the two chiropractor doctors is a licensed massage therapist. The team can also aid with custom orthopedics. Visit their site here for more information:

Thrive Chiropractic Studio follows a mission of supporting clients to thrive through restoring balance to the body. Regular adjustments can help maintain the spine as we put stress on it daily. The team here can explain the musculoskeletal system and realign issues with chiropractic work and massage therapy. Read more on this office on their website here:

Vertical Chiropractic specializes in the Gonstead technique which is accredited to be the most structurally and biochemically specific method with measurable results. Through multiple ways of examination and correction, you will be able see the results via x-ray analysis. Since 2010, the two-woman team continues to offer high quality and knowledgeable care for everyone. See more on their practices here:

Even pets can benefit from chiropractic work like the services provided by Durango Animal Chiropractic. Addressing the nervous system, Dr. Iris performs canine and equestrian adjustments. At her downtown location, you can even get adjusted beside your dog! As animals are also under pressure, especially horses used for racing and rodeo, the therapy that she offers can make a world of difference. Read more on this specialty office here:

These are just a few of the many chiropractic offices based in Durango and that all offer well rounded and knowledgeable care. Please let us know if you have any questions about Durango’s businesses.