Chocolate & Coffee

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While walking around downtown, Animas Chocolate & Coffee Company is the perfect spot to stop in to warm up. The small-batch artisanal chocolatiers have perfected their craft and have made award-winning chocolate.

They start by sourcing organic and fair-trade cacao beans from small farms in Belize and other cacao hot spots. Then, the magic happens and beautiful truffles, delicious bonbons, creamy caramels, and classic chocolate bars are made. In the shop on Main Street, you can smell the amazing process take place and try the final products. Some of the chocolate gets mixed with milk for a luxurious hot cocoa and with coffee for one-of-a-kind mocha.

The company opened in 2011 and has since been providing the public with chocolatey goodness. The goods are available to purchase online or you stop in a pick out your favorites. Delightful gift baskets and mix-and-match boxes stuffed with artful chocolate make for great gifts.

Chocolate goes great with everything and we would love to talk with you more about the many great options Durango has to offer!

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