Creating a Unique Feel With Interior Paint

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There is a lot of wall space within a home creating a wonderful blank canvas. Adding paint, wallpaper, and décor makes the home special and feel like your own. There are an unlimited number of colors and designs to chose from, here are some tips on how to coordinate the whole house.

First, find inspiration with an object like a picture, a favorite piece of clothing, or other item you can take to the paint store with you. Using the knowledge of their staff and color samples, pick out three base colors: a neutral color and two from your inspiration.

Starting with these three, you can expand the range to around five different colors that all flow together to incorporate into your home. You will want to carry the neutral color over in all rooms. The other colors will appear in different rooms via paint, wallpaper patterns, and décor. The general rule is a color’s appearance at least two times throughout the home to tie everything together according to Melissa Mascara, principal designer at Melissa Mascara Designs. Spreading out the colors through these different aspects adds to the unique look.

If you’re building your dream home or just refreshing your current one, paint schemes can add a lot to the atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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