DAAR April 2022 Numbers

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la plat county real estate statsDurango Area Association of REALTORS compiles monthly local market updates so we can see how the year is progressing and compare it to years past. From this, we can find key metrics and trends in our market.

In La Plata County, there were 93 new single-family listings in April 2022. This was about a 20% decrease from 2021. There were 77 sales, about 10% lower than last year. The median and average sales price rose just over 10% compared to April 2021. The median is now $640,000 and the average is $737,180. This is reflected in the 101.3% of the sales price received. Homes are still selling quickly with just 74 days on the market. However, the 12 month median sales price is at $670,608 and the average is $832,403; this is about 24% higher than April 2020 through April 2021.

Townhomes have also seen a value increase with the median at $540,500 compared to $321,000 for 2021 in the month of April. There were about half of the number of new listings but almost exactly the same amount sold within the month. 102.4% of the list price was received. We saw a 20% days on market increase in April however inventory and months supply continue to go down.

17 out of the 93 new single-family listings were in town Durango while 34 were rural Durango making up just over half of La Plata County’s listing activity. The median in town sales price is $825,000 for the month but $674,817 year to date, with over 100% of the list price received. The rural median price is $867,371 for April and $939,383 year to date.

In town Bayfield has seen an increase in activity this year so far with 29 total single family home listings and 5 new townhome listings. The in town median and average sales price in this town has also increased, sitting at $445,000 for single family, up 24% from 2021. Townhomes now have a median of $379,500 which is 67% higher than in 2021. The Ignacio rural and in town market has seen some single-family home activity this past month with 5 new listings and 7 sales. With 11 new listings and 9 sales total year to date, the median sales price is $460,000, 23% higher than 2021.

As we move into the summer, it is typical for the real estate industry to be at its busiest. We look forward to reviewing and reporting more numbers in months to come. Please let us know if you have any questions about La Plata County Real Estate.

If you would like to see the entire set of local market update data sheets, please let us know!