DAAR June 2022 Numbers

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daar la plata county stats june 2022Every month, the Durango Area Association of REALTORS® (DAAR) compiles the previous month’s real estate statistics in order for us to reflect on the market activity and find trends that may help us understand the market’s trajectory.

June 2022 saw 129 new single family home listings in La Plata County and 60 sales. Both of these numbers are lower than June 2021. However, the median sales price rose 13% to $696,250 and the average just under 2% to $762,116. 101.6% of the sales price was received while home stayed on the market around 20 days less than last year. Inventory has grown 15% since June 2021 increasing the months supply of inventory to 2.7. Year to date, there have been 575 homes listings with 368 sales. June 2021, there were 634 listings and 471 sales by the end of June.

Townhouse/Condo listings in the county saw movement closer to last year with 40 new listings and 32 sales compared to 46 new listings and 56 sales in June 2021. The median and average prices increase .2% and .1% and stayed steady around $500,000.

Rural Durango saw the most activity with 56 new listings and 26 sales. June 2021 has 70 new listings and 51 sales, but the increasing prices are now at a median of $774,250 with an average of $920,595. Homes are still selling quicker but more inventory is becoming available evening out the buyers/sellers market. In town Durango has seen slightly more listing activity and less sales activity over the past month compared to June 2021. The median and average are just under those of rural Durango and the inventory continues to grow here as well.

In town Bayfield has seen more market activity year to date than 2021 with a total of 49 new single family listings and 35 sales. The median price rose to $465,000 and the average is now $476,312. Rural Bayfield has also seen strong of activity with 102 listings and 60 sales in 2022 so far. The median is $597,500 and the average is $671,606. Over 100% of the list price is being received in Bayfield with less days on the market. Ignacio has seen very similar activity this year compared to last in town with 6 listings and 6 sales as there were 5 listings and 3 sales in 2021. Rural Ignacio is also consistent with 21 new listings and 13 sales in 2022 and 27 new listings and 13 sales last year. The rural median for the year so far is $460,000 up from $333,000 last year and the in town median is $160,000 down from $235,000 in 2021.

The real estate market is still busy in La Plata County. Increasing mortgage rates and more inventory appears to be balancing out the market. We look forward to the second half of 2022 and would love to help you or answer any questions.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us regarding these numbers, or if you would like a the full set of data from DAAR.