December La Plata County Residential Real Estate Numbers

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december 2019 stats

This week we have the La Plata County residential real estate transactions for the month of December, which also gives us year-end totals for 2019. December had 90 total sales which was higher than last year (76 total in December 2018). With the exception of 2017, this total is actually higher than any year since prior to 2011. Year to date, we saw a total of 1,163 sales, which was slightly higher than last year’s total. Again, with the exception of 2017, this is a higher number of total sales than any year since 2011!

The median sales price ended at $385,000, which is just slightly lower than last year’s median sales price of $387,500. The average days on the market stayed even compared to last year, at 127. We are encouraged by the strong median sales price and fast sales cycle—both positive factors for the La Plata County real estate market.

All factors considered, the month of December contributed heavily to the strong year-end numbers. For many of the months of 2019, we had a lower number of transactions compared the previous year, with a few standout exceptions (especially July, September, and December). December pushed the total number of transactions over last year’s totals. The 2019 real estate year ended the year and decade on a positive note, and we’ve seen such fantastic real estate results in the last handful of years. We look forward to another year of real estate. As always, please let us know if you have any questions for us.