Dog Sledding Tours – Local Winter Fun!

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sled pulled by dogs

With Christmas week ahead of us, many people have time off and look for fun activities for the entire family. Or, you may be visiting from out of town and are searching for a fun way to spend vacation. One of the most unique and exciting options is available in Hesperus—Durango Dog Ranch Dog Sled Tours!

There are two-hour tours and evening racing tours available. All trails are within 30 miles of Downtown Durango. For the two-hour tours, visitors will learn how to mush before sledding, then finish with giving dog treats and hot chocolate. This is a great family activity and such a unique way to experience our winter wonderland!

Evening race training allows one person to ride with a musher under the stars while the dogs train. Mushers will have headlamps and heavy gear for this experience. These dogs train for races, and it’s a fantastic experience to watch these dogs go.

Durango Dog Ranch is a family-owned business and is in its twenty-fifth year. We love supporting local businesses and finding ways to explore and appreciate the outdoors. Take a look at the website for more details: