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A Solid 2014; A Bright 2015

Sellers are rejoicing with the improved real estate market, and the growth in value of their homes during 2014.  Buyers have continued to come into the market recognizing the affordability offered with the historic low interest rates.  These low interest rates have negated some of the challenges of a higher priced market, and made it…
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2015 Looks To Be A Great Year For Real Estate

With 2015 underway, it is looking to be a great year for real estate. A few factors strongly impact the current real estate market. Nationally, the stronger job market correlates to the increase in real estate activity. In the Southwest Business & Economic forecast held last week by Wells Fargo, the economy is expected to…
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Mercy Regional Medical Center—a Backbone of Durango

We often talk in our blogs about our community, and how Durango’s lifestyle makes is such a unique place to live. There are so many great things to enjoy here, that we tend to forget about noting the infrastructures and support systems we have in place for emergencies and difficult situations. One of the best…
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The year ended with fireworks!!

During the last quarter, the number of homes sold in La Plata County increased by 18.7%, following the lower sales during the summer months.  With the big increase, the total number of home sales ended the year almost even with last year, 1,030 homes sold in the County compared to 1,036 last year. The median…
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Durango Joe’s

During the cold winter season, nothing feels and tastes better than a hot cup of coffee. Most people across the country tend to stick with the “big chain” coffee shops. Of course, there is not anything wrong with big chains, but we have so many local options that offer fresh coffee and a true community…
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Stage Set For The Return Of 1st Time Homebuyers

Below is an article that we found noting the trend, Nationally, towards the return of the first time home buyer.  Although the article takes a broad view of the market, there are certainly similarities within our local market. http://rismedia.com/2014-12-04/realtor-com-2015-housing-forecast-stage-set-for-the-return-of-first-time-home-buyers/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

National Radon Action Month

January is National Radon Action Month and we strongly encourage all area homeowners to have their home’s radon level checked and mitigated if necessary.  We are including a special below from Housemaster that offers a $50 savings on a Radon test this month.

Looking for a New Year’s Eve Celebration?

Are you looking for a fun and safe New Year’s Eve activity? Durango Mountain Resort offers an evening for the whole family! DMR will host fireworks, a torchlight parade, buffet, and live music. Childcare is also available so the adults can enjoy an evening “out.” The torchlight parade is an awe-inspiring experience. A group of…
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Year End Reflection on 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, it’s a great time for reflection. What a blessed year this has been, on so many levels! From a real estate perspective, 2014 was a phenomenal year. Although the total number of sales lagged behind 2013 for a good amount of the year, at the end the total sales…
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Ken and Sue’s Restaurant: a Local Favorite

We’re not sure about your family, but for us, anytime we have family in town for the holidays we tend to have lots of home cooked meals. At some point during every holiday season, we get tired of cooking and want to go out to eat! Or, we have visitors and we want to take…
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