Durango Bump-Out Project

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Most everyone has had to implement some kind of adjustment into their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic and the downtown businesses in Durango are no exception. The City of Durango allowed the businesses to take part in the Bump-out project last year which is a state wide program. What is the Bump-out program? It is a temporary solution that allows businesses along Main Avenue and 2nd Avenue to use parking spaces and adjacent parts of the right-of-way for outdoor seating, conducting transactions, and displaying merchandise. The program is intended to support economic recovery while reducing the spread of COVID-19.

The Bump-out program had great success and allowed local businesses the ability to seat more guest, create more shopping space and have a safe environment to allow for social distancing. “That changes helped create a “weekend festival” atmosphere throughout the summer and fall”, Sarah Dodson Hill, Durango’s assistant director of transportation, said per the Durango Telegraph. “One of our downtown local bookshops brought in some trees and they had a little garden in their area,” she said. “It was just a really nice kind of sunny, summery festival, fun, outdoor vibe.” This program most likely helped keep the doors open for some of those shops during a challenging time. The Bump-out program will be returning this year through the spring, summer and fall. The Bump-outs will be taken down in November. Check out the parking map to help you navigate the downtown area while you enjoy the outdoor seating. https://www.downtowndurango.org/summerparking