Durango Nursery

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Durango is surrounded by nature and when your home is only a 5 minute walk from trailheads, vistas of the La Platas fill your windows, and in any direction a 30 minute drive can get you to a variety of settings. It’s not a lie when locals say nature is in our backyard. But, why not take it step further and make your own nature-scape in your backyard?

Durango Nursery & Supply, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Tom Bridge who has grown his business into the largest one-stop-shop in the Four Corners Region for gardening and landscaping. Only supplying the highest quality materials, the staff is knowledgeable in helping you create your own backyard oasis.

Their location just south of town offers a wide variety of evergreen, deciduous, flowering, and fruit trees as well as soil, mulch, and rocks for xeriscaping. Inside they have seeds, pond supplies, and other wonderful pieces to customize your yard.

Stop in to learn more about gardening in Durango, CO climate and to see what new items they have in store. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have about Durango’s gardening opportunities.

Read more on Durango Nursery & Supply, Inc. on their website here: http://www.durangonursery.com/