End of Summer Home Maintenance

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School started for many of our local students this week, and with the start of school comes schedules and a change of weather. As homeowners, it’s also time to consider end-of-summer tasks to prepare your home for fall. While the shift from fall to summer in Durango is not as extreme as the shift to winter, there are still several items that should be done to stay on top of home maintenance.

Outdoor furniture and appliances: Now is a good time to clean your grills, grill utensils, and outdoor furniture. Even if you still use it for another month or two, a thorough clean will keep your outdoor accessories in good working condition.

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We remind our clients of this periodically, but it’s important to be sure your batteries are working. A change of seasons is a good reminder to ensure these important safety items are efficient.

Check/Replace your air filters. This should be done frequently, and the time between changes varies depending on what type you have installed. It is important to change the filters to keep HVAC systems running properly and efficiently, especially as we head into colder weather!

Clean your garage. If you’re like many people, your garage becomes the “catch-all” during the busyness of summer. Take the opportunity to clean, de-clutter and organize before the weather gets cold.

Paint. If you’ve been considering a paint job either inside or outside your home, now is a great time to do so. Paint will dry faster while it’s warmer, and you can capitalize on the longer days before the time change for an exterior paint job.

The above are just some tips to keep in mind as the seasons change. If you are able to come to our open houses this weekend, we would love to see you! We will be hosting one at 2027 Kingfisher Court on Saturday from 11-1, then four of our Hay Barn Road listings on Saturday from 11-1: 101 Hay Barn Road, 117 Hay Barn Road, 135 Hay Barn Road, 151 Hay Barn Road. Hope to see you there!