Eso Terra Ciderworks’ Cider

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Established in 2019, Jared and Elizabeth’s Eso Terra Ciderworks’ small batch cider now has a storefront in Durango. Alongside their Dolores location, the company produces an array of handcrafted cider from local apple orchards.


Apples, yeast, and time are the main ingredients but the duo has expanded to producing over twenty ciders and fresh eats to accompany. Their mission goes beyond cider sales, offering their space for meeting, fundraisers, and other events with their slogan “We invite you to our table, exactly as you are.” They even have a customizable option where they will help you create a unique cider from your own tree’s apples with a special name, flavor, and label!


These artisanal ciders are on Durango’s Main Street offering another farmhouse chic location to gather, taste, and be a community. A Farm to Fingers charcuterie board is perfect to enjoy with the cider along with pastries and sandwiches that change seasonally.


Becoming a member gets you exclusive benefits like 18 bottles of cider shipped to your home annually, discounts both online or in the tasting rooms, and early access to events and news.


Eso Terra Ciderworks creates a special beverage to enjoy all year round in Southwest Colorado! Please let us know if you have any questions about this or any other local establishments.