Fall in Durango: Enjoy the Mountains

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Durango is well loved for the ability to pursue outdoor activities year-round. As we head into fall, this is the perfect time to enjoy high-elevation sports, such as camping, hiking, or fishing. At this point of the year, the days are still nice and snow isn’t a factor in most places. Also, hunting season picks up in October, so it’s the right time to enjoy those high-elevation outings before hunting season gets rolling. Mountain fishing, four wheel drives, and ATV rides are also enjoyable at this time of year. Now that we’re past Labor Day, we would expect fewer people in the mountains, making it the perfect time to escape the busyness of life and disconnect.

If you’re looking for places to go, the La Platas are a great option and not far from town, and the Needles are also a perfect spot to enjoy. As the days cool and we start seeing snow, the ability to enjoy these high-elevation trips will be limited, and you will want to consider lower elevations or canyon country. This is a sweet spot for La Plata County outdoor activities, and we love living in a place with such easy and beautiful access to the mountains.