Fresh Eats

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A new fast-casual restaurant has opened up on North Main! Brought to you from the Zia Taqueria team, Sage is another affordable and delicious lunch and dinner option! Their website states that they are staying true to the core principles they built Zia on 15 years ago: “Buy local. Support the community. Strive for environmental sustainability. Be kind. Pay a living wage. Stay affordable.” The seasonally rotating menu will feature classic eats as well as chef’s specials. You can’t go wrong with a BLT chop salad or a grilled ham & gruyere sandwich! There is also an option to create your own salad. Vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan choices are always possible here! The ingredients are locally sourced, providing high quality ingredients and supporting the community even further! Some of their producers are Sunnyside Meats, Fields to Plate, Beet Street Farm, and James Ranch who contributes everything from organic vegetables to grass-fed meat.

Environmental sustainability is a key concept the company wants to highlight in their everyday production. They take steps to reduce their carbon footprint in many ways such as solar power and plant-based containers and utensils. While this new sister restaurant has moved in to the “Old North” location, the infamous Zia Taqueria has not gone far! A new custom building just a block to the south, the fresh-mex restaurant is thriving in their new space. The most recent addition to the Zia family is the Zia Cantina, a partnership between Zia Taqueria and Peach Street Distilleries out of Palisade, CO. They have created a space for locals and tourists alike to relax and enjoy a beverage after a long day of playing in the San Juans!

Read more about these fresh finds on their websites!