Halloween Happenings

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Halloween-flyerWith Halloween upon us this week, it starts to feel like winter is officially on its way (Daylight Savings Time is also this weekend, so it’s a double reminder that winter is coming).

Halloween is one of those peculiar holidays that is celebrated uniquely throughout the world. It originated as a Celtic holiday, and then became All Saints Day after the Roman Empire conquered the area. The night before the celebration became known as All-hallows Eve. The traditions have morphed as time has gone on. In colonial America, Halloween was not celebrated as much, but in Maryland the southern colonies many Europeans brought their traditions. Some even combined traditions with the Native Americans. As more immigrants came to America, celebrations grew more popular; some were autumn festivals, others were a version of today’s trick or treating.

In the 1900s Halloween in America became more community focused and festivals and parties, as well as our modern day trick-or-treating began around the 1930s. By the 1950s trick-or-treating was a commonly held practice.

We are fortunate to live in a town like Durango, where parents can feel safe taking kids trick-or-treating. We have so many great neighborhoods for the experience. We also have some unique alternatives. First Baptist Church of Durango will be offering hot beverages, and candy for kids on the corner of 3rd Avenue & 11th, and the Durango Business Improvement District, Chamber of Commerce, Southwest Sound, and participating merchants are sponsoring a trick-or-treat night downtown. 91 businesses will be participating for kids who are under age 10 and dressed in a costume and with a parent. The trick-or-treating will be from 4-6. Look for the orange pumpkins to see who will be giving out treats. The Wells Group is a participant, so be sure to stop by! See the flyer for more details.

The Rocky Horror Show will be playing at the Henry Strater Theater. It should be a fun show with audience members dressing as their favorite characters. There will be a Durango twist to the entertaining show. See the link for details and times: shows will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week.

However you and your family choose to spend the weekend, we hope you stay safe and enjoy some of the great options available in the area.