It’s Basketball Season!

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With the recent time change and an early end to the daylight, it’s the time of year most locals start looking for unique indoor activities. For Max and Don, this is the time of year that signals one of our favorite hobbies: watching Fort Lewis College Basketball. The FLC program is fantastic—quality basketball and a fun environment. It’s the perfect winter activity for the whole family. In a town our size, we are so grateful for a college, and one with solid athletic programs.

The Durango Team has a long-time connection with FLC Basketball. Max played for the FLC men’s team, and both Don and Max are friends with the coaches and have had numerous opportunities to get to know the student athletes.

The season’s already exciting. The women are off to a strong start—they’ve won the first two games of the season. The men have won a game and lost a game. It’s early in the season, so it’s the perfect time to start cheering for FLC.

This Thursday, November 16, both the men and the women play. The women will play at 5:30 and the men play at 7:30. You’ll find us at several of the games this season. We hope you come out and support our team as well!