It’s Raining Dogs and Cats

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It’s no secret that Durango is dog friendly as the furry companions accompany hikes and swim in our rivers and lakes. With daily food, treats, and toys a necessity, these local pet stores have it all!

Creature Comforts is the largest pet store providing the essentials for all small pets including birds, cats, dogs, fish, and reptiles. For 34 years the store has grown into carrying 180+ brands for food, toys, beds, accessories, and more. With pick-up and delivery options, you can set up recurring orders! They have a nutrition specialist to dial in on your pet’s needs, grooming services, and training programs. They cover everything from aggression, beginner skills, and house breaking to differently abled, behavior, and K9 nose work. See what classes your pup would benefit from on their website here:

Pet Haus focuses on cats and dogs with a slew of toys, treats, beds, supplements, and 50 brands of food. The offer dry, canned, dehydrated, frozen, and raw options to keep your pet feeling their best! They facilitate adoptions through other local organizations like the La Plata County Humane Society, Annie’s Orphans, Wolf Wood, Black Hat Humane Society, and Lisa Parker’s Puppies. There’s sometimes a litter of kittens in the store to play with too! Check out their website here for more details:

Healthy Hounds and Fat Cats is Durango’s go-to doggy daycare and boarding facility. With roomy kennels filled with treats and toys, indoor and outdoor play space, and knowledgeable staff, your dog or cat will have a vacation of their own here! The staff is also available for grooming appointments to bathe, cut hair, and trim nails in a spa-like fashion. A self-service dog wash is available on a first-come first-serve basis equipped with an elevated, professional tub, dog specific shampoo and conditioner, towels, blow dryers, grooming tools, nail trimmers, ear cleaners, and mildly scented dog colognes. Their retail space includes food, treats, chews, toys, and more including a special “Made in Colorado” section. Visit their website to see rates and availability:

Whether you’re a dog, cat, fish, or bird person don’t hesitate to reach out about Durango’s pet scene!