January La Plata County Residential Real Estate Numbers

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This week we have the total La Plata County residential real estate transactions for the month of January. There were 59 total sales, compared to 65 total sales in January of 2019. This is a bit of a drop compared to the last handful of years, but still within the range of typical for January transactions.

The median sales price is currently at $410,000, which is higher than the 2019 total of $385,000. Historically, January tends to be one of the slower months of the year for La Plata County real estate, along with February and March. We typically see an increase in activity during the spring, when many homeowners place their homes on the market.

It’s too early to tell what type of year we will see for real estate, but we expect the median home price will stay very close to that of 2019, and maybe even drop slightly. We also anticipate the same for the total number of sales; they will be close to 2019, but possibly a slightly lower total number. As always, we welcome any questions you may have on the La Plata County real estate market.