La Plata County Opening

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In the last week, there has been a different feel around Durango. As the county has begun the process of reopening, there is an optimism in the air. As a town that relies heavily on tourism, this is a positive step in making strides for our tourism industry. It seems that more people are in town, and as a result, we hope to see summer tourism yet this year.

Recently 600 businesses self-certified, attesting to the guidelines they will follow per the San Juan Basin Health website. There are several details these businesses will uphold to promote social distancing. This is exciting to hear, as it paves the way for the rest of the county moving in that direction. In addition, recreation options are opening, which is another new chapter after the Coronavirus changes of the last handful of months. Without a doubt, we’ve seen some unprecedented times recently, but it appears that many businesses are able to operate again.

Our community has banded together and supported each other through this time, and will continue to do so. We are still working and here to serve our clients, following appropriate guidelines. If you’d like to discuss the market or any questions you have, we are available.