Let’s Help Our Neighbors to the North!

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As you might have heard earlier last week, Silverton has been suffering significantly from the “indirect” effects of the 416 Fire/Burro. The smoke, road closures, lack of train, and National Forest closure have essentially shut down the town; businesses are not able to stay open and families are without jobs and income. Melanie Russek, the San Juan Economic Development Coordinator, said that non-perishable food donations would be incredibly helpful for those who are no longer receiving a paycheck.

The Wells Group will have a donation box at the front desk for any drop-offs, and Backcountry Experience will also have a box to bring non-perishables. They are in need of canned vegetables, canned meat, beans, pasta, etc.  The donations will be taken to Silverton Thursday afternoon, so let’s fill some boxes in the next couple of days!