McPhee Reservoir

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This summer more than any other, we are grateful for the ample outdoor activities Durango and the surrounding areas have to offer. With so many events canceled, we are glad for the ability to spend time outside, with so much variety!


Local lakes are a favorite pastime. We’ve highlighted Lake Nighthorse, Navajo, and Vallecito. There’s one more local lake that attracts visitors with its activities and beauty: McPhee Reservoir in Dolores. It’s the second largest lake in Colorado, and 64 miles from Durango.


Of course watersports are a popular draw and the size of the lake is conducive to sports. In addition, camping allows an easy getaway for both water recreation and those who want to camp or explore. There are over 70 campsites at McPhee Campground, some of which have hookups. Hiking and biking are also encouraged: the Can Do Trail is situated for hiking and the McPhee/House Creek Bike Route allows bikes to follow paved and gravel roads along the House Creek drainage. Fishing is also a popular hobby at McPhee. Walleye, small and large mouth bass, trout, crappie, northern pike, kokanee salmon, and perch are all in the water.


Whether you’re looking for an active day outside, or a peaceful experience fishing, McPhee is a fantastic local option.