Moving Dos and Don’ts

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stress free moving tips truckMoving day has arrived; it’s time to recruit some friends, rent a moving truck, and make the move! Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the day go smoothly.


  1. Pack ahead of time! Marking boxes as you go and spreading out the process makes the official moving day a lot less stressful. Just make sure you don’t pack any daily necessities. While there are plastic tubs and bins that have handles and double as an organized long-term storage option, cardboard boxes are still the most affordable and easy crate to find.
  2. Have a moving truck rental reserved for a hassle-free pick-up. Moving trucks are especially helpful for moving long distances so you can fit more in each trip, or just for the large items such as your bed, couch, or piano. Companies like U-Haul offer different sized trailers and trucks depending on your needs. Reserving ahead of time online or in person saves a lot of time and stress on the day of pick-up. Even better, The Wells Group offers a free moving truck for clients to make the special day seamless!
  3. Hire a team of professional movers or some friends to offer extra hands. Back injuries are no joke and can easily be avoided by using proper lifting techniques and teamwork. Remember to use your legs to lift, carry objects close to your body, and know your limits. With the extra help, moving large and awkward objects such as a mattress or couch can be effective and safe. When in doubt, dollies make for excellent helping hand!

We hope that these three tips help create a successful moving day. Please reach out to our team to see how we can assist with your new journey!