New Home Build and Interior Design Features for 2019

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national association of home builders

It’s the time of the year we start seeing trends and predictions for both home design and interior design. Last week, the National Association of Home Builders revealed the top trends at the NAHB International Builders’ Show. This is fascinating news, as it shows us what to expect in new builds, and also reflects on the industry as a whole.So what are the top preference in new homes?

Laundry rooms and energy-saving features and appliances top the list. The NAHB surveyed almost 4,000 home buyers to determine the answer to their preferences, offering 175 features from which to base their decisions. The NAHB also states, “The top 10 features also included home-storage needs, such as garage storage and walk-in pantries, as well as hardwood flooring, a patio and exterior lighting.”

Here’s another interesting piece of data: home buyers continue to prefer smaller homes (a trend that’s occurred in recent years), and they also have less interest in some of the luxury features such as a three-plus car garages. The NAHB article notes townhouse production has played into this trend. Furthermore, builders have built more townhouses and smaller homes. The NAHB notes that the builders are responding to the demand in this market segment. This is interesting, as we’ve been discussing this in the Durango area as well for the last couple of years (the Three Springs market is a perfect example of this). We’ve seen growth and demand in this segment on a local level.

For those who are curious about design trends, the conference presented a “white on white” trend for kitchens and bathrooms (for cabinets and countertops), as well as “gray on white.” The article says, “Other rising trends include: farmhouse styles incorporating ample amounts of wood; engineered quartz countertops for color flexibility; vinyl and resilient flooring, especially for aging in place; wireless controls, and open interior and exterior spaces in the kitchen; and higher-end fixture installations in the bathroom, such as wall-mounted sinks, faucets and toilets.”

It is always interesting to follow these national trends and then see what the local market produces. As always, we welcome questions regarding the La Plata County real estate market and local trends. Take a look at the link below for article quotes and information: