November 2021 Monthly Marketplace Numbers

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With just the remainder of this month left in 2021, the real estate market is still hot. Monthly statistics help us highlight key metrics and trends to understand where the market has been and is headed. La Plata County has seen another very busy year like 2020.

November had 125 sales bringing 2021 up to 1,322 year-to-date. With a difference of 127 from 2020’s total, we’re closely watching this month. The majority of the properties sold this year were in the $400,001-$500,000 price range falling inside the popular range of $200,001-$800,000. 167 properties have sold in the 1 million plus category. This has increased the average sold price to $652,486 compared to $528,807 last year and $626,165 from October 2021. The median price has risen as well from $444,500 in 2020 to the current $535,000.

As of November 30th, there were a total of 142 active listings. 58 of those fall in the $1,000,000+ range. With 169 listings under contract, the following months have a great number of closings lined up! The majority of these fall in the broad but enticing $200,001-$800,000 range. With the activity not stopping, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions about the real estate market.