Our Marketing Advantage

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This week we wanted to take an opportunity to explain our office’s mentality behind the advertising and marketing efforts towards our listed properties. In short, we feel very strongly about the power of advertising to sell homes. The exposure, repetition, and overall word of mouth minimize time on the market and achieve quickest results.

As a client of the Wells Group, sellers will be exposed to the Durango Herald new listings for two weeks in a row. Additionally, listings will be featured in the Wells Group Listing Guide, which is broken down into geographic areas in La Plata County, and published quarterly. Our interactive website allows buyers to search for properties. Once a property is featured in the MLS, it will then be available via multiple sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Homes.com,etc.

The Wells Group has a phenomenal location on Main Street, which gives exposure to all of our listings. We also tour listings weekly, so all of our agents are aware of our listings. We have more area agents than any other office. In fact, 29% of all La Plata County Residential properties sold in the last year were sold by Wells Group agents.

Our team, The Durango Team, believes it is essential to take that advertising even a step further. We run ads in the first section, back cover of the Durango Herald weekly, and will also feature new listings in these ads within the first six weeks. We also have significant online presence—Durango Herald online ads, multiple domain names, and social media presence.

We take seriously how we portray properties—the quality of photos and the marketing pieces make a substantial difference in the presentation of a listing. The Wells Group offers a great basis for listings, and The Durango Team layers additional exposure for each client. The combination between the Wells Group marketing and the Durango Team Marketing is the largest amount of real estate marketing in the community. Our goal is to focus heavily on the listing qualities and marketing so they appeal to potential buyers. We use our sphere of influence to connect buyers and sellers for the right fit and property.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our marketing plans and strategies. The above is just an overall synopsis, as there are multiple other ways we market properties.  We are passionate about strategically representing our sellers and aiding buyers in finding the right properties for long term satisfaction.