Parks and Recreation

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Being surrounded by mountains and a river running all the way through town is a wonderful start to the recreational opportunities our town offers. In addition, the City of Durango’s Parks and Recreation programs and assets have contributed almost $40 million annually to the local economy. Having these parks, rivers, lakes, mountains, and more benefits a healthy lifestyle, our economy, and the environment.

Locals and visitors alike enjoy activities at facilities like the Rec Center, Chapman Hill, and Lake Nighthorse. The study that RPI Consulting prepared was informative on how much these programs, services, amenities, and facilities truly effect health, wellness, and environmental benefits. This includes, but is not limited to, open space preservation, wildfire mitigation, and city-managed trees removing 21,000 pounds of pollutants.

Numbers show the huge increases in visitor numbers with the improvements at these facilities. For instance, Lake Nighthorse had 47,000 users in 2018 and reached 107,000 in 2021 with additions like the Wibit, boat dock, and other amenities. Having well-kept open spaces were a great resource during the pandemic when indoor spaces were closed.

If solo exploration is your favorite, there are hundreds of miles of trails just within the city including the start/end of the Colorado Trail. If you enjoy going out with a group, there are plenty of associations and clubs that provide outings. The Rec Center as well as other organizations have plenty of classes, sports, and activities for all ages and skill levels to participate in.

No matter your style of adventure, Durango has the space, inside and out, to exercise, play, and relax. Don’t hesitate reaching out regarding the surrounding area and available activities.

Read the City of Durango’s Parks and Recreation blurb here: