Preparing for Spring Gardening

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Walking through town you can sense that spring is here, the smell of new grass emerging, buds on the trees forming and the early season perennial flowers popping up. It is a wonderful sign of new life and warmer weather on its way. Whether or not you are planning a big garden or a few pots around your home, here are some helpful tips to make sure your garden starts with a great base and produces a great bounty for you this year.

While you’re starting to clean you beds or pots keep in mind it is a good thing to let you garden sit from fall, through winter and until the weather reaches over 50 degrees for 7 consecutive days. Many insects and other helpful pollinators can be hibernating in the dead debris and we don’t want to wake them early from their slumber. Another way to ensure our helpful bugs make it through the early gardening stages is to hold off on mulching your yard until the days are consistently warm.

Now is also a great time to plant seeds in starter pods if you have the space and they have access to enough sunlight. Starting plants from seeds is an exciting and affordable way to start your garden. Early spring is also a great time to start a compost pile or a compost bin. Composting helps to enrich the soil for your plants, helps to retain moisture, suppresses plant diseases and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. If you are looking for more helpful early spring gardening tips check out, this is a great resource. Happy planting!