Real Estate in the News

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This week we have a compilation of real estate news and headlines. Below are some interesting articles we found.

Holiday Home Safety: If you plan on traveling during the holidays, take a look at this link for some helpful tips. It’s important to take care of your house and be sure you’ve employed some home safety tips to make it seem like you’re home. Some fun ideas include utilizing apps to control lights when you’re away, as well as faking a TV binge so passersby think you’re actually home watching television! Here’s the link for more details:

Gender Differences in Home Buying: Have you ever wondered whether men and women have different home preferences when they look at real estate purchases? The research in this article shows some of these differences. The article states, “At the top of their wish lists, women want a supersized pantry, a tub in her bathroom, a first-floor office, and a front porch. The survey results are also helpful in understanding how female preferences compare to those of their male peers.” Here’s the link for more information on these differences:

Compromise for Buying a Home: Home buying is oftentimes a matter of priorities. If you’ve wondered what areas people tend to compromise in order to purchase a home, put together a list of some common areas. According to this article, location and square footage are among some of the areas homebuyers are willing to compromise. See the link for details:

As always, we welcome any questions you may have on real estate trends or local real estate. Enjoy these articles!