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18 Town Plaza Durango CO Real Estate

Well known and trusted Cafe offering breakfast and lunch from a busy shopping center in the center of Durango Colorado. Voted best breakfast, best milkshake and locals favorite, the business has a 40 year history of providing fast, fun and friendly casual meals. Operating 6:00 till 2:00 every day, the owners have plenty of time to devote to family, friends and hobbies all while making a six figure income. Breakfast v lunch revenues are about 60-40 except on weekends when its closer to 70-30. The facility has tons of parking (a competitive advantage) and includes grocery and hardware store anchors. Being nimble and easy to operate, the business adjusted quickly to government restrictions during Covid-19 which helped to minimize the obvious downturn but most importantly, solidified the trust the locals have in the business. Seller is exiting for retirement which happens to be during Covid-19, not because of it. They had never owned a restaurant when they bought this one 40 years ago and will help transition a buyer in. This one is definitely worth a look.