September 2021 DAAR Numbers

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The Durango Area Association of Realtors compiles reports comparing the real estate activity in 2021 to 2020 so that we can look at key metrics and statistics. In September, La Plata County saw 85 new single family home listings and 33 townhouse/condo listings. This caused a 19% decrease in the single family home listings category and a 29% decrease in single family homes sold in 2021 year to date versus 2020 year to date. Although just 92 homes sold in September 2021, the median and average sales prices have risen. The median increased 18% — just under $100,000 – since September of 2020 making 2021’s median $576,750. Having 48% less homes on the market in the month has contributed to this as well as homes selling in 75 days as compared to last year’s 119 days on the market. Year to date, 2020 and 2021 are now relatively close in new and sold listings. 2020 has 975 new listings and 709 sold by October 1st while 2021 has had 933 new listings and 748 sold in the first nine months. However, the biggest difference we see is the elevated sale price. In 2020 thru September, the median was $478,500 and $569,417 was the average. The year to date a 21% increase changed the median to $576,750 and the average to $699,134. The 33 new townhouse listings were accompanied by 41 sales at a median price of $417,000; a 16% increase from September 2020. Over 100% of the list price was received for the month as well as year to date. 2021 has seen more townhouse/condo listings and sales than 2020 year to date with a median price of $425,500.

In town Durango saw 12 new listings and 21 sales in September. The median sales price increased 2% to $610,000 with over 100% of the list price received in 54 less days. The month has 62% less listings which is reflected in the year to date 22% less new listings. There were just 2 less homes sold and a median price of $639,000. Rural Durango has more activity in September with 42 new listings and 43 sales. The median sales price increased 26% now sitting at $735,000. Year to date, there have been 67 more homes sold than in 2020 at median and average prices 23% higher than in 2020. Rural townhouse/condo listings have become a “hot commodity” that sell in 45 days which is 83% less time than in September 2020. There have been more sales in 2021 than 2020 at a median price of $435,00 compared to 2020’s $339,000 median.

In town Ignacio brought 3 new listings in September; however, there were no sales. Rural Ignacio brought 4 new listings and 4 sales with a slightly elevated median price of $390,000. Year to date there has been more activity than last year. Bayfield in town homes saw 6 new listings and 3 sales within the month of September. Although, year to date, there has been 19% less new listings and 31% less sales than in 2020. The median sales price has increased to $390,000 despite fewer sales. Similar trends are seen in rural Bayfield with slightly less activity but increased median and average sale prices.

We enjoy breaking down these reports in order to see the movement and share our findings with you. If you have any questions, we would be happy to discuss them with you.