Solar Power

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In Durango the month of June averages 14.7 hours of daylight. That’s a lot of energy that can be produced naturally! With solar panels, you can transform these rays into power for your house. The device most popular for residential use are photovoltaic (PV) panel which convert sunlight into electricity. The PV cells absorb the sun’s energy and create electrical charges that move in the field making electricity flow. This electricity can then go to power the lights and TV or be sent to a storage battery. There are many benefits of going solar such as watching normal electric bills disappear, a 26% federal tax credit, and actually being able to make money by selling excess power back to utility companies. Shaw Solar, a Durango full service solar contractor company, figures the average residential net system cost is $11,285 that takes 7-8 years to pay off and then develop into a lifetime worth of savings.

Durango is an ideal location to utilize solar panels because of the high percentage of clear days throughout the year. Of course the snowy winters may damper just how much the panels can take in, but even installing on a slanted roof can slide the snow off and generate power in the colder months. Bill Talley, an office administrator for Shaw Solar, talks about the process of designing a solar array, “The main factors are bouncing energy demands to the possible wattage we can mount on a roof. We are usually able to meet 100% of the client’s needs.” Talley is referencing how much solar exposure the panels can get, each of them producing 300-350 watts. If there is still more energy needed than what can be produced, a concept called net metering comes into play. The house is still connected to the grid and therefore can draw in the extra power required. Once installed, there is little to no maintenance needed for the solid-state panels or inverter, the device that converts DC power to the common AC units.

The only reason not to get solar panels that Talley highlighted was if the roof was shaded by trees or next to a cliff that would decrease the overall amount of sunlight reaching the panels daily. This would cause less energy to be converted and make the pay-off period not worth the initial investment. If this is the case, there is still an option for you! Solar gardens are built in heavily sunlit areas so that homeowners can buy a share and reap the benefits of solar power without the installation and responsibilities. Shaw Solar completed the first Community solar garden in 2015 in Ignacio and a second one on top of the Boys and Girls Club in Durango.

Solar energy provides an environmentally friendly way to live and because of all the benefits investing in solar energy is one of the best home “remodels” you can do. Please reach out with any solar power or real estate questions you may have!

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