Spring Selling Tips—Get a Jumpstart Now

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Spring Blossoms

With the amount of snow we’ve had recently, it’s hard to imagine spring selling season is right around the corner. However, as the winter turns to spring, we typically see a spike in La Plata County real estate. Many sellers choose spring as the ideal time to sell a house. If this is you, we have some suggestions to start preparing and readying your home for the season.

A Fresh Coat of Paint: This step may seem laborious, but freshened walls make the whole home seem cleaner and larger. The first impression can make a big difference for a potential buyer, and walls without scratches, scuffs, or stains make a better representation of the home.

De-Cluttering: Everyone’s talking about Marie Kondo and her methods, but it’s am emphasis we’ve had for years. If you want to sell your home, we recommend de-cluttering. Clutter makes a space appear smaller, and potential buyers want to envision themselves in a home. Cleaning out drawers, closets, shelves, dressers, etc. can make a huge difference in the feel of the home. This is the perfect time of year as we are inside more, anyway!

Check crawl space/manage moisture: Snow brings moisture, and it’s important for both the upkeep of your home and potential resale to manage the moisture. Check for and remove snow that’s built up along the side of the house to keep it away from the foundation. Moisture can damage both the paint and the foundation. We also recommend checking the crawl space to see if there’s moisture inside. If there is, be sure your sump pump works, and consider placing plastic sheeting on the floor. Also, be sure your vents are open to allow air flow.

If you can get a jump start on some of these items now, you’ll be prepared to focus on other areas that may need attention once the weather changes. We are always happy to discuss staging or real estate tips and the La Plata County real estate market. Please let us know if we may be of assistance.