Styling a Vacation Home

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Vacation homes in Durango have been become very popular because of the variety of locations, large capacities, and Colorado experience. While there are certain permits you need from the City of Durango to operate a vacation. Making your vacation rental stand out on sites like AirBnB, Vacasa, and VRBO will help keep your rental booked. The one primary thing to feature is online pictures of your well put together property.

Highlighting your own style with the Durango, Colorado lifestyle creates a homey and authentic feel for guests. Setting a budget for the space and then piecing together the different features will help guide the process and keep you on track financially. A neutral color scheme, unique furniture, and keeping it simple were advice pieces from other vacation home owners who have gone through the same process.

Looking at these wonderful rentals that make you want to call them “home” is the key to being on top of the vacation rental list. Please let us know if you have questions about this niche, or if we can help connect you with a local property manager.

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