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Will the Bubble Pop?

It is apparent that the state of the current real estate market is unprecedented. It has been shaped by supply shortages, major increases in building costs, and the Covid-19 pandemic, causing prices to rise and bidding wars which are leaving buying disappointed. But, does this mean that we are in a bubble just waiting to…
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Real Estate History

The current demand for housing is high and the supply does not create the balance we have seen in years past. In fact, Zillow noted that in February 2021 the number of homes for sale were down 30% from February 2020. In retrospect, that is about a 26% larger decrease than we saw between 2019…
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New Home Construction

The tale of supply and demand continues and who will come out as the hero? New home construction to the rescue! During the winter month’s new construction took a break as cold weather made that decision mandatory in some areas of the country. Now as spring arrives and the weather is warming so is the…
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2020 March Numbers

This week we have the La Plata County residential real estate transaction numbers through the month of March. Residential sales continue to set record highs and the question remains, how long will this trend continue with the lack of inventory we continue to encounter? Bob Allen stated in this year’s Wells Group Forecast, this year…
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Spring Buyers Have 50% Fewer Homes to Choose From

According to an article in Realtor Magazine, home shoppers this spring have 52% fewer homes to choose from than last year.  For every 10 homes for sale last year, there are fewer than five today.   We are finding this trend applicable to our market as well. At this time there are 33 in town Durango…
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Wells Group’s 21st Annual Real Estate Forecast

We are excited to share The Wells Group’s 21st Annual Real Estate Forecast. This year’s format looked different than previous years with the forecast going virtual, making it accessible to watch from the comfort of your home. This yearly event compiles data and predictions for the La Plata County real estate market and is presented…
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Real Estate Transactions for February 2021

This week we have the latest numbers for La Plata County residential real estate. While not a surprise based on the level of activity we’ve seen these past couple of months, the numbers are staying steady, with52 total single family sales for the month of February.  January was at 59 solds and February 2020 was…
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2021 Wells Group Forecast

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Booming Spillover Markets

This last year brought an unexpected increase in real estate transactions and eagerness in buyers that created a scenario for sellers to get multiple offers the day their house hit the market. In larger metro areas where inventory is down and home prices are on the rise we are seeing folks who would be interested…
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Update on Interest Rates

For the second straight week the mortgage rate has stayed steady at 2.73% as recent data shows that inflation remains well below the Federal Reserve’s 2.0% target. Inflation doesn’t have a direct impact on mortgage rates; however rising inflation could lead to higher bond yields. Given that the 10-year Treasury yield is the basis for…
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