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Three Springs: The New Durango

Welcome to Three Springs, the new Durango.  It all started with great design; create a community based on traditional neighborhood design principles.  It is appealing, because it uses the lessons learned in towns like Durango.  Those features that add to the community design include walkable & rideable features, a neighborhood center, and eventually it will…
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Gardening Tips

The last few weeks we’ve noticed people outside preparing their yards before winter comes. It brings up a good point for overall home maintenance: the importance of winterizing your yards. In our area, a few key pointers protect lawns and gardens for an easier start in spring. It is important to rake leaves and excess…
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Buy This Home!

The outlook is positive for those looking at current mortgage interest rates. In the past few weeks, the interest rates have dropped back down into the high 3’s. As of October 22, a buyer could obtain an interest rate of 3.875%. As we mentioned in the past, these interest rates are nearly at lifetime lows,…
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