Take A Scenic Drive!

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million dollar highwayAs we continue to highlight ways to enjoy our Colorado lifestyle, we once again are thankful for the great beauty in the Durango area. We have so much untouched outdoor space. Are you looking for a creative way to explore and still keep social distance measures? Take a scenic drive. We typically feature scenic drives during the fall for an array of colors. However, as spring brings green to the hillsides, now is a perfect time to enjoy a beautiful drive.

One of our favorites is the San Juan Skyway. This is a full day adventure: from Durango through Silverton, Ouray, Telluride, Rico, Dolores, and Cortez. If a whole day is too long, you could choose a portion of the drive. Small mountain towns, beautiful peaks and mountainsides, waterfalls, and even old mines scatter the drive. Pack a picnic lunch and stop along the way for a tailgate lunch. Or, support a local small-town business and purchase a lunch to go.

We love where we live, and every time we have the opportunity to explore the mountains, we are reminded of the beauty in our own backyard. We hope you get a chance to enjoy, as well!