Thanksgiving 2020

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As this year has been one full of ups and downs for most of us, we wanted to take some time to reflect on areas we are thankful.  Our team shares their perspectives below.

I am sure it is what everyone says, but this year I am especially thankful for my family. As we have all been spending a lot more time together with lockdowns and not being able to go to other social events, I have really enjoyed the extra time I have been getting to spend with Katie and the boys.


At Thanksgiving this year (and every year!) we are so thankful for this amazing place we live in. Even given all the craziness of COVID, we are still able to enjoy the outdoor activities we love and maintain a feeling of connectedness in our community. We are also especially thankful this year for our health! Quarantine and school closures forced us to slow down and do less, which was a difficult adjustment but has ultimately been a huge blessing. It will just be our immediate family this year on Thursday, so we decided to go out on a limb and smoke our turkey. If it’s a homerun we will do it again when we are able to host the extended family again next!


During this unusual Thanksgiving holiday, I am grateful for the health and well-being of our family and friends.  I am thankful to call Durango home; for the beauty of the area, the incredible outdoor activities, and for a community that looks out for one another.  I am very thankful, and try not to take for granted, that my husband and I have been able to work out our schedules to be home with our kids as they transitioned back to online learning.  There have been many blessings that have come from this crazy year and I am looking forward to a few days of slowing down and enjoying time together.  I am also very grateful to an amazing networks of clients, many of whom have turned in to great friends over the years.  Happy Thanksgiving!


This year I am thankful for my family and that at this time we are all healthy. Although we can’t be together, we are all here for each other.  I am also thankful for the team I work with.  When things get stressful and it all starts to be too much, we are all there for each other.  This year I will be celebrating with my husband, although it will be just the two of us, we will have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  I am expecting lots of leftovers.


The Durango Team is thankful for our friends, clients, The Wells Group, and the community in which we live. We love helping others in their process of moving—finding dream homes, land, and office space. From all of us, we hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving.