The Durango Team Marketing Strategy

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One of the core values of The Durango Team is to strategically market our clients’ properties. We believe in the importance and power of marketing, and devote significant resources and offer a multi-faceted strategy to ensure optimum marketability. Below are several of our marketing strategies.

Open Houses: Any buyer knows an open house is a fantastic way to view a home. We generally hold an open house (or more) each week, as a way to showcase properties, as well as be available to answer any questions on the home.

Durango Herald Advertising. The Durango Team does alternating full page and half-page ads in the Durango Herald every Friday. We believe this is an excellent opportunity for La Plata County to have exposure to listings.

Wells Group Advertising. The Durango Team works under The Wells Group, so in addition to our team’s individual marketing, there are also benefits of The Wells Group’s marketing.  The Wells Group does a half-page ad in The Durango Herald each week – focusing on open houses, new listings, and exceptional opportunities.

Web Page. Our web page, is available 24/7. This is a user-friendly platform that allows visitors to search Durango real estate listings, current Durango Team listings, view virtual tours, and access our blog.

Social Media. The Durango Team offers an extensive social media strategy. We utilize Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Pinterest. We feature a listing of the week each week, which highlights one of our current listings with a video. This is displayed on each of the social media platforms. We also post our open houses each week, both before and the day of the open house. In addition, we share national news articles, helpful tips, home decorating ideas, and Durango events. We maintain a strong internet presence so potential buyers may see our listings. By driving traffic to our website and offering relevant information on our social media platforms and website, we are able to advertise our current listings.

Blogs: We write two blogs each week. These blogs provide local real estate news, statistics, and trends, real estate tips, home owner tips, local Durango information and events, and more. We send real estate blogs in our weekly communication to our database, and share all of our blogs on our website and social media platforms.

4 Corners Real Estate Guide. The Durango Team specifically advertises all properties in the 4 Corners Real Estate Guide, which is published 5 times per year.

Quarterly newsletters. We provide these to several neighborhoods in town (Animas City, Durango West II, Rockridge, Edgemont, Lake Durango/Shenandoah/Lake Durango, Skyridge, and Three Springs), which show the market activity in those neighborhoods for the quarter as well as the overall market trend. This is helpful for buyers to see the local markets.

Our team works hard to market properties and provide exceptional service and information to both our clients and those who are potential buyers. Our thorough marketing strategy is one of our most powerful tools in the process of selling homes, and one we believe sets The Durango Team apart. Please let us know if you have any questions on the marketing.