The Importance of Patio Staging

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patio furniture in durango

As we have all spent more time at home recently, there has been an uptick in home improvement projects during time staying at home. Along with that, this is the time of year homeowners spend the most time outside (summer in Durango is gorgeous)! One of the most important areas outside is a patio or deck, and there are several ways to stage and utilize outdoor space to maximize its appeal. Whether you plan to put your house on the market, or you just want to increase your own enjoyment, we expand on some useful staging ideas for your patio space.

Create spaces: No matter how large or small your outdoor space, use it! If you have a large backyard and deck, utilize an eating area, a sitting area, and maybe even a play area if you have kids (such as a swing set in the yard). Define the spaces and their functions, then decorate and furnish accordingly. Utilizing comfortable and durable furniture will entice you to spend time outside. A neutral color palette for furniture allows you to change it seasonally, or for buyers to envision themselves living there. If you have a small balcony with apartment or condo living, you can still place a small table outside, or a couple of nice chairs.

Add greenery: Flowers, plants, and herbs all add a beautiful flare to a patio or deck area, as well as pops of color. Hanging pots add height variation, and various textures contribute to a comfortable environment and outdoor oasis. With a small space, an herb garden or small flowers will enhance the look.

Lights: Colorado summer evenings are beautiful, and al fresco meals are a perfect way to enjoy being outside. Consider ways to allow light into your outdoor space to create a cozy ambiance when the sun goes down. Some people install lights and electricity outside; others utilize candles and lanterns. Hanging string lights are an effective and easy way to light space as well.

Accessorize: Small details can make a big difference. Vases of flowers, candles on a table, placemats, and throw pillows all add the finishing touch to an outdoor space. A small outdoor fountain will create a soothing background noise. Just like staging the inside of the house, these details will enhance the outdoor space.

Options are endless for outdoor use. Depending on your goals and space, outdoor living is a core value living in Colorado. Outdoor space is a great way to utilize and enjoy your home, regardless of the size. As always, we love to discuss real estate, so please let us know if you have any questions on the real estate market.