The Right Car

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Some moves make this simple, like moving down the street, across the city, or just a few towns away. However, if you’re moving cross-country, or even a state away, one item to consider is if the vehicle you currently have will still fit your needs.

Moving to Durango, a sports car may not be ideal for our snowy winters. Vice versa, if you’re moving out of Durango, you may be able to trade into that lowrider, speedy sportster. These lifestyle changes for your vehicle should take into consideration things like weather and road conditions (4WD needs) of the location as well as car value in one place versus another and new state registration fees. In some states like California, there are more strict regulations on emission standards.

If you are moving to Durango, you will find that Subaru Foresters and Outbacks, Toyota 4Runners and Tacomas, and Ford Broncos and F-150s are commonly seen on the streets and in the mountains here.

While Durango’s streets may have their fair share of potholes, having the right car here will provide you transport through all four seasons, from commuting in town to exploring the surrounding mountains. Please let us know if you have any questions about relocating to Durango.