The Wells Group August 2022 Statistics

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Every month The Wells Group gathers the previous month’s real estate statistics in La Plata County to reflect on and better understand our market.

There were 122 sales in August 2022, which is very similar to August 2021 and 2019. 2022 year to date has seen 777 sales, 156 less than this time last year. As we close in on the fourth quarter, we are curious to see if the market continues at this rate or tapers down in the winter months.

Of the 777 properties sold, 111 fell into the $400,001-$500,000 range making it the most popular range. Just under ¾ of the sales sold from $200,001-$800,000. There was also an uptick in $1,000,002-$1,500,000 sales as well at 81. As of August 31, 2022 there are 269 active listings. This number has grown significantly from just 98 in January 2022. About half are listed at $400,001-$900,000 while another 100 are listed at $1,000,001+.

The average sold price for 2022 is now $739,233 which has been increasing steadily over the past 4+ years with the difference between 2021 and now being 13.3% more. The median sold price has also increased by 11.4% now at $596,000. The median and average days on market are still low with inventory generally moving quickly.

We are always more than happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have about our local real estate market.