It’s Time for a Color Drive

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We are in full-fledged fall mode, and if you haven’t taken a drive around the area to see fall colors, now is the time to take advantage of this gorgeous season before it’s too late! People come from all over to experience the beauty of the changing colors in our mountains. The bright hues and various shades are truly a sight to see. In some places the colors are slightly past their prime, but there’s still an opportunity to explore some beautiful sights.

One of the best ways to enjoy our nature is to hike and explore. As snow will become more prominent, this is a fantastic time to squeeze in some last hikes of the season. As of Sunday, a fall hike at Spud Lake was still gorgeous. The colors were still beautiful, even past their prime. Other local areas to consider hiking are Lower Hermosa Creek and Animas Mountain. These are all lower-elevation hikes, so the colors are more likely to be visible.

Most years, if you head toward the La Platas and Mancos you’ll see fantastic colors. Consider driving to Mancos for lunch; you could even make a full day trip and do the full San Juan Skyway! Or, go to the lower Dolores River Valley and back for a fun day trip. Even if the colors aren’t as vibrant, the sights are always gorgeous on these drives.

If you can take the opportunity to get outside, you’ll enjoy a beautiful drive, fall weather, and hopefully the last of our beautiful colors before winter! Here’s a helpful resource as you plan your trip: