Tiny Homes vs. Mansions

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The tiny house movement came about in the 1970s when carpenters first became interested in building small, compact homes. The movement posed rewarding architectural and personal challenges of simplifying and living with less. By definition, a tiny home ranges from 100 to 400 square feet. In comparison, a typical single-family home averages 2,500 square feet.

On the other end of a spectrum, mansions are rarely less than 8,000 square feet and all categorized no less than 5,000 square feet. However, the actual contents inside and features of the entire premise deem a property a “mansion”. 20th century mansions focused on elaborate ballrooms, conservatories, billiard halls, and libraries filled with classic literature. Today, the most modern homes are equipped with home theaters, extensive garages, and infinity pools. Despite the obvious differences, the homes are built with expensive materials, high-end finishes, and custom touches that make the home unique. Of course, these are respective to the era as well as the homeowner’s preferences.

As brokers in the La Plata County, we have the privilege of seeing both tiny homes and mansions (some on the same property) located by rivers, mountains, in the city, or all three! No matter your living style or what you think qualifies a home as a “mansion”, we would love to help you with your real estate journey!